Patio / Photo: Todd Gray

Artist-in-Residence Grant

  • Every year, Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House e. V. awards up to twelve fellowships to visual artists, composers, authors, film makers and performance artists. Grant recipients reside at Villa Aurora in Pacific Palisades for three months.
  • During the fellowship, artists work on a specific project.
  • Two artists may apply for a joint fellowship to work on a project together.
  • Fellowships are awarded for a calendar quarter.
  • We are not able to accommodate family members.
  • Overnight visits are limited to two weeks.
  • Villa Aurora staff provide assistance with the implementation of projects and corresponding research, as well as networking opportunities with individuals and partner institutions.
  • Villa Aurora fellows share two kitchens, several common work and living areas, as well as the grounds.

A Villa Aurora Fellowship entails:

  • A round trip flight from Germany to Los Angeles (economy class)
  • A monthly, non-repayable stipend in the amount of Euro 1.800,00 (Euro 2.000,00 for a joint fellowship) to cover living expenses and local transport, as well as Euro 700,00 for project-related costs (Euro 2.500,00/month total; Euro 2.700,00 total for a joint fellowship)
  • Free lodging at Villa Aurora in a room with a private bathroom