Events | Salon Sophie Charlotte 2017: Rebellions, Revolutions or Reforms?

Berlin | January 21, 2017

Revolution: You will not be able to stay home!

You will not be able to stay home, brother, Gil Scott-Heron urged in the song The Revolution will not be televised in 1970. The former Villa Aurora fellows Tina Born, Kirsten Reese and Sabine Scho, as well as Martina Hefter explore the causes, chances and risks of rebelllion, revolution and reform at the Säulensaal of the Academy at this year's Salon Sophie Charlotte. The expansive installation by Tina Born and Kirsten Reese, as well as the text-dance performance by Sabine Scho and Martina Hefter have no commercial breaks and will not be taped. So you will not be able to stay home.

Und wenn sie alle dich verschrein / so wickle in dich selbst dich ein - Matthias Claudius

Sabine Scho und Martina Hefter, Fotos: Matthias Holtmann und LCB

Sabine Scho und Martina Hefter

The text-dance performance by author Sabine Scho and author/dancer Martina Hefter research Karl Philipp Moritz' Magazin zur Erfahrungsseelenkunde (Magazine for the Research of the Soul) as source of the revolutionary spirit, knowing that,  in order to go on a warpath you have to go into inner emigration first. You gotta get in to get out. (Genesis)

7.30 / 9.30 PM 20 minutes each

Kirsten Reese, Foto: Privat


Kirsten Reese

This installation is based on text and audio source material such as speeches, demonstrations and debates of revolutions and rebellions from 1517 to today. It comes from historical (sound) archives, the web and social media eminating from 30 sound cubes. Audiences can approach each speaker and follow individual voices and historical situation, but are also able to regroup the sound sources in new and different constellations.

Tina Born, Foto: Eric Tschernow

Geist, 2016 / Weil    Deren    Reiche

Tina Born

This installation adorns the big ball lights of the  Säulensaal with phrases of female individuals and pioneers in their respective field of work. They feature the French philosopher Simone Weil (1909–1943), the American dancer and film theorist Maya Deren (1917–1961), and Maria Reiche (1903–1998), a German mathematician, who spent 50 years to map systematically the Peruvian earth paintings of Nazca, the protecion and preservation of which she fostered.

There will be artistic and scientific contributions by over 100 participants  all over the entire building of the Akademie. See the program here.


This event is free.

Venue: Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften

Akademiegebäude am Gendarmenmarkt

Säulensaal, 2. OG

Markgrafenstraße 38, 10117 Berlin


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