Thomas Mann Fellows | 2023

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Felix Rohrbeck | Economic Journalist

Felix Rohrbeck. Image: private
Felix Rohrbeck. Image: private

Felix Rohrbeck is a graduate economist and communications expert. As a business journalist, he is passionate about investigative research, elaborate reporting and cross-media stories. After graduating from the University of Hamburg, he joined the Hamburg Foundation for Business Ethics as a project manager. Following this, he worked as a trainee at German public service broadcaster NDR and as an editor at Gruner + Jahr Wirtschaftsmedien (Financial Times Germany) Between 2014 and 2019, he edited the economics desk at DIE ZEIT. In this capacity he was involved in exposing the cum-ex scandal. Since May 2019, Felix Rohrbeck has worked as a freelance author.


Publications (Selection)

2019 | Die Fake-Industrie. In: faelschungen-fjaellraeven-markenrucksack-zoll-china-fake-shops 

2018 | Ein Kartell gegen die Steuerzahler. In:

2018 | Der Coup des Jahrhunderts. In: steuerbetrug-aktiengeschaeft-europa-finanzpolitik 

2017 | Der große Steuerraub. In: steuerbetrug-steuererstattungen-ermittlungen 

2015 | Hannes versteckt eine Million. In: 


Awards (Selection)

2019 | Otto Brenner Preis für kritischen Journalismus

2019 | Helmut Schmidt Journalistenpreis

2017 | Georg von Holtzbrinck Preis für Wirtschaftspublizistik

2015 | CNN Journalist Award


Project description

An intense dispute is raging on both sides of the Atlantic about whether rich people should make a greater contribution to financing the welfare state and, if so, how this should be effected. The debate reflects a profound sense of dissatisfaction in both the USA and the EU. The general feeling is that inequality is on the rise and that, in many cases, the rich pay hardly any tax – a feeling that is undermining acceptance of the welfare state. How can policymakers respond to this? And what kind of (joint) approach could be used to ensure greater participation by the rich? Felix Rohrbeck will focus on these questions during his stay in the Thomas Mann House.