Thomas Mann Fellows | 2021

Oct, Nov, Dec

Birte Meier | Journalist

Foto: Sebastian Pfütze
Foto: Sebastian Pfütze

Birte Meier, born in 1971, studied at the FU Berlin, the University of Chicago and the University of the Arts Berlin and holds a master's degree in North American Studies, Modern History and Journalism. Since 2007, she has been a Frontal21 editor, producing investigative stories on politics and business - primarily on digitalization, globalization and the transformation of the market economy and democracy.


Publications (Selection)

2018 | Climate, Pensions, Digitization - Coalition of Eternal Promises, ZDF, Frontal21 

2018 | People's Parties looking for Profiles - Who shall lead?, ZDF, Frontal21
2018 | Tricks of Meat Adulteration, ZDF, Frontal21 Documentary
2016 | Rent-a-Sozi-Affair, ZDF, Frontal21
2014 | The Great Samwer Show, Documentary, ZDF
2013 | The Non-Vaters, Documentary, ZDF!nfo/Phoenix

Awards (Selection)

2019 | UmweltMedienpreis 2019 of Environmental Action Germany (DUH)
2018 | Friedrich-Vogel-Preis 
2015 | Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis des Bundeswirtschaftsministeriums
2013 | Journalist in Residence, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin
2012 | China Media Ambassador, Robert Bosch-Stiftung
2012 | Fellowship, Aspen Seminar, Aspen Institute Deutschland
2010 | Kellen Fellow, American Council on Germany


Planned Project

During her fellowship at Thomas Mann House, Birte Meier will research and publish on Equal Pay: In California there has been a cultural change in the matter of Equal Pay. Women are beginning to successfully demand equal pay for equal work. How did California do that? What can Germany learn from California so that women are empowered to effectively demand their constitutional right to equal pay?