Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2022

Apr, May, Jun

Sabine Vogel | Composer

Sabine Vogel | © Michael Miethe
Sabine Vogel | © Michael Miethe

As a flutist, Sabine Vogel focuses on modern playing techniques, sounds and improvisation. She has developed a unique performance style, both acoustically and with the expansion of electronic equipment and a specific use of microphones. In her compositions, she mixes alternative flute sounds from the “inside” of her instrument, with nature recordings from the “outside”. In her site-specific compositions – sound instillations and live performances in nature – she affectingly engages with sound, place, time, moment and memory.

Compositions/Installations (Selection)

2018 | Wind Talk for Glissando flute and playback ‐ for Erik Drescher, UA intersonanzen 2018, Potsdam
2018 | Momentary Flutters for amplified flutes und other things, UA, Berliner Solo Festival
2018 | Scattering Layers (2018) audiovisual installative composition in cooperation with Kathy  Hinde, UA Kontraklang
2016 | Pando, a Soundpainting Composition for Musicinas of the Splitter Orchestra and the Insub Meta Orchestra. UA, Splitter Music Festival
2015 | Clovelly Beach, audio visual composition for Video, playback and amplified flutes, UA, biegungen, Berlin

Diskography (Selection)

2018 | Frozen Orchestra (Splitter), The Pitch & Splitter Orchester, microton RUS
2017 | Split‐LP „Shine On You Crazy Diagram“, Splitter Orchester //Felix Kubin, Gagarin Records, D
2016 | Creative Construction Set™ by George Lewis ‐ Splitter Orchester & George Lewis, microton RUS


2019 | Residency fellowship at AIR Niederösterreich,in Krems an der Donau
2016 | InterStip of the Ministry for Science, Research and Culture Brandenburg
2015 | Residency at the „Bogong Center for Soundculture“, Bogong Village, Victoria, Australien  
2015 | composer in residence, EMS, Stockholm