Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2022

Apr, May, Jun

Alex Nowitz | Composer

Alex Nowitz | © Oscar Loeser
Alex Nowitz | © Oscar Loeser

Alex Nowitz, born 1968, is a composer of vocal, chamber and electroacoustic music, orchestral pieces, installation concerts and two full-length works for opera as well as music for dance and spoken theatre. Furthermore he is a vocal performance artist including the tenor and countertenor voice applying a variety of extended vocal techniques. Both in his compositions dedicated to others and in his vocal performance art he explores the notion of ‘multivocality’. In spring 2019, presenting his work ‘Monsters I Love: On multivocal arts’ he receives the Doctoral Degree in Performative and Mediated Practices with Specialization in Opera from the Stockholm University of the Arts.

Works/Premieres (Selection)

2019 | Vocal Space Lines, featuring voice, live electronics (strophonion) and four loudspeakers; interpreter: Alex Nowitz; premiere: ‘100 years of bauhaus’ at the Berlin Academy of Arts

2018 | Moving Tongues: Playing Space, full-length solo performance featuring voice, live electronics (strophonion) and video; interpreter: Alex Nowitz; premiere: Reaktorhallen Stockholm

2017 | Bewegungsstudien [motion studies], music for four musicians and their voices (soprano saxophone, trombone, violoncello, accordion); interpreter: ensemble LUX:NM Berlin; premiere: ‘intersonanzen’ at the art gallery ‘sans titre’ Potsdam

2016 | Kaspar, a scene for piano, violoncello and cor anglais; interpreter: Ensemble Mosaik Berlin; premiere: ‘intersonanzen’ at the ‘fabrik’ Potsdam

2013 | Traumnovelle [dream novella], music theatre consisting of 16 scenes for three female singers, four male singers, 14 musicians and fixed sounds; libretto: Maxi Obexer adapted from the novella with the same title by Arthur Schnitzler; premiere: Brunswick State Theatre

2006 |  Die Bestmannoper [the opera on the best man], 13 scenes for 14 solo singers, female and male choir, orchestra and theremin; libretto: Ralph Hammerthaler; premiere: Theater Osnabrück; opera on Nazi criminal and mass murderer from Austria Alois Brunner and his persecutor, French lawyer from Paris, Serge Klarsfeld

Awards (Selection)

2014 | Cité Internationale des Arts Paris: artist residency appointed by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media of Germany, Bernd Neumann

2013/2012/2010/2009 | EMS Stockholm [Elektronmusikstudion]: artist residencies for various multichannel compositions

2010-2011 | STEIM Amsterdam [Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music]: artist residency and grant for research and development of the live electronics, called ‘strophonion’

2009 | First prize of the ECPNM [European Conference of Promoters of New Music] as part of the ISCM [International Society for Contemporary Music] World New Music Days in Gothenburg

2006/2002 | Schloss Wiepersdorf: artist residencies each supported by the Brandenburgian Ministry of Science, Research and Culture