Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2018

Jan, Feb, Mar

Julie Pfleiderer | Director (together with Oxana Omelchuk)

Julie Pfleiderer, Photo: Lidia Tirri
Julie Pfleiderer, Photo: Lidia Tirri

Julie Pfleiderer is a director working across the boundaries of performance and film. She studied at Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch Berlin specializing in directing. Since 2006 she directed theatre shows and performances in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. Julie was nominated as “Best talented young director in 2006 and 2008” by the German theatre magazine Theater Heute. Her film 'Infinite Jetzt' won the Special Jury Award at Film Festival New Orleans and her architecture film 'actual size real time #1 partial views’ was shown in the context of the architecture biennale 2016 in Venice, at 019 - Museum of Moving Practice/ Design Museum Gent und Argos, Centre for Art & Media Brussels. Julie lives in Berlin and Brussels.