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Das Thomas Mann House – Politischer Denkort am Pazifik (Thomas Mann House – A Place for Political Thought on the Pacific)

The illustrated volume Das Thomas Mann House – Politischer Denkort am Pazifik (Wallstein Verlag, 2023), edited by Nikolai Blaumer, Benno Herz, and Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House .V., guides readers through the Mann family's exile residence in Los Angeles. Essays reflect on the past and present of this important place of political thought on the Pacific. This book is currently available in German only. The publication was made possible with generous support from the Berthold Leibinger Stiftung.

This volume invites readers on a tour of the Mann family's exile residence in Los Angeles, today a transatlantic site of debate for the Federal Republic of Germany.

Contributions by renowned authors from the fields of literature, the humanities, and journalism report on the political life of the Manns in the United States and reflect on pressing issues of our time. Inspired by the specific rooms and spaces of the house, originally built in the modernist style, the driveway of the property, for example, becomes a symbol for the Mann family's journey to California - as well as for the exile community in today's Los Angeles. Other spaces, such as the study, the kitchen, or the garden, serve as the starting point for both historical observations and reflections on equality, overcoming racism, climate change, and other contemporary issues.

In addition to numerous historical photos, the book is illustrated with exclusive recent photographs by renowned architectural photographer Jean Molitor. As such, the volume makes it possible to experience a place whose cultural, political, and architectural legacy continues to have an impact today.

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Jutta Allmendinger

Mohamed Amjahid

Gustavo Arellano

Christoph Bieber

Adrian Daub

Heinrich Detering

Veronika Fuechtner

Alice Hasters

Dirk Heißerer

Michael Kleeberg

Steven Lavine

Claus Leggewie

Roberto Lovato

Irmela von der Lühe

Frido Mann

Friedhelm Marx

Birte Meier

Heike Mertens

Andreas Platthaus

Elisabeth Plessen

Alex Ross

Sonja Valentin

Heinrich Wefing


With an introduction and preface by:

Nikolai Blaumer

Benno Herz

Markus Klimmer

Jakob Scherer


Photographs by:

Jean Molitor

Das Thomas Mann House – Politischer Denkort am Pazifik is published by Wallstein Verlag.