Events | Lecture Tour Andreas Reckwitz: "The Society of Singularities" [CANCELLED]

Cambridge, MA | April 29, 2019 | 12:00 PM

Photo: Suhrkamp Verlag/Jürgen Bauer

The culture of Western late-modernity is not that of industrial modernity any more: To a high degree it is centered around the fabrication of singularities, i.e. of entities like objects, subjects, places, events and collectivities which are grasped as unique and particular. Attention, valorization and affect is given to the apparently unique, not to the standardized. There is a paradoxical social logic of singularization taking place embracing cultural capitalism, media technologies, life-styles and politics. What are the causes, patterns and consequences of this society of singularities? It turns out that as soon as singularizations are the focus of wide-ranging social patterns they tend to asymmetries and polarizations which are characteristic of the late-modern present.

The book "The Society of Singularities" was published 2018 in German at Suhrkamp, received several book prizes and is currently translated into five languages. The English edition appears at Polity, Cambridge.

Andreas Reckwitz is professor of sociology at the European University of Frankfurt/ Oder, Germany. He is currently Thomas-Mann-Fellow at the Thomas Mann House in Los Angeles and was awarded with the Leibniz prize 2019. He is the author of several books in the field of social theory and cultural sociology. His recent book “The Society of Singularities. The transformation of modernity” (Suhrkamp 2017) was awarded with several book prizes and is translated into five languages. He is a regular author of the German weekly paper Die Zeit.





An event in cooperation with the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.


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