Events | Über Rechte schreiben? Wie kann Literatur dem Populismus begegnen?

Online | July 8, 2021 | 10:30 AM (PDT)

Right-wing Populists wage a battle with the means of language. They create political fictions about the supposed people and their enemies. Writers, for their part, are fiction artists. They create imaginary worlds that are able to build up and tear down identities. Are they thus predestined to counter populist movements? And what social function do they have in view of the culture war being pushed forward by right-wing populists?

The defenders of a democratic culture of debate call for "talking to the right". From this can be derived the appeal to literary figures to "write about rights. But should literature really claim to be an "empathy machine" that imaginatively bridges social divisions? Doesn't its promise lie much more in creating spaces for reflection that allow democratic coexistence to breathe?

An online panel discussion with Tanja Dückers (writer), Lukas Rietzschel (writer), Beate Tröger (literary critic), Jan Wilm (writer and translator). Moderated by Johannes Völz (Professor for American Studies, Goethe University Frankfurt/Main).

The conversation is part of the discussion series "Populismus – Kultur – Kampf“. Find more information on this website (in German).

The event will take place on Zoom [Register here]. It will be recorded and subsequently used as part of Goethe University's public relations activities. By registering, you agree to this.

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