Events | Befriending Ghosts – Digital Hauntings

Online | May 3, 2021 | 10:00 AM (PDT)

Welcome! Befriending Ghosts – Digital Hauntings is an interactive online performance specifically designed for the digital space, and it only “works” in this framework. At the end of the first video, which you can watch here, a URL will appear; type this URL into your browser and you’ll be taken to an external website, from which you can navigate further through a network of different sites and platforms. Only a very few endpoints have no further possible steps, and these are clearly marked as such. We recommend leaving all tabs open over the course of the performance, so you can always keep track of your path through the network and return to a previous stage easily if you so choose. Do not attempt to just click through the network as quickly as possible, instead spend enough time engaging with each stage and, if you can, use good headphones.

Over the course of the performance, you could be forwarded to the following sites/platforms: Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Docs, Soundcloud, Linktree, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Cryptpad and a few more; you do not need your own account for any of the platforms. All links were carefully checked during production, however, it should be noted that unexpected problems can occur and that participation in this online performance is at your own risk; no liability is assumed for any damages or legal offences stemming from your use of the different websites’ offers. When visiting an external website, you agree to the terms and conditions and data protection regulations of the respective provider or website operator; it is possible that cookie preferences must be selected for each website.

If you should have further questions, have trouble finding your way in the online performance, be unable to continue, encounter other problems or stumble into a ghost, please write an email to; during the period the performance is online, your messages will be read regularly and answered as soon as possible. We hope you enjoy this digital ghost hunt and discover many exciting things along the way!

“Befriending Ghosts” is broadcast by Volksbühne Berlin in cooperation with Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House as part of the series Arman Avanessian & Enemies, the successful talk-think-theatre series for new political theory and theory formats, which has hosted over 70 events in the Volksbühne’s Roter Salon and is now in its fourth season.

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