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Berlin | August 29, 2015

Frank Reinecke © Mirko Lux
Frank Reinecke © Mirko Lux

is land a part (2014)

for double bass and computer
by Marc Sabat based nine poems by Uljana Wolf, with Frank Reinecke (double bass)

The poet Uljana Wolf and the composer Marc Sabat met in 2010 during their stay at Villa Aurora and together they developed "is land a part" in 2014 and it had its Berlin premiere on the occasion of the Lange Nacht der Museen last August in a cooperation of Villa Aurora and Deutsche Bank KunstHalle.

The work forms a cycle of reflections based freely on Wolf's "false friends" (kookbooks, Berlin 2009) and was composed after the text's English translation by Susan Bernofsky, "False Friends" (Ugly Duckling Press, Brooklyn 2011). Each text is based on a letter of the alphabet, meandering in sound and meaning, to open an associative space between and beyond the two languages German and English. Wolf's work, which takes up the idea of ​​translating, opens new perspectives to explore  "harmony" perceived in music. Imagine several streams of sound flowing side by side that seem to reveal a common source to the audience at times or unite like islands before they split up again to follow their own course.

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