Thomas Mann Fellows | 2022

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Rosario Talevi | Architect, Curator, Editor

Rosario.Talevi. Image: Lena Giovanazzi
Rosario.Talevi. Image: Lena Giovanazzi

Rosario Talevi, born in Buenos Aires in 1983, is a Berlin-based architect, curator, editor and educator interested in critical spatial practice (Rendell), transformative pedagogies and feminist futures. Her work advances architecture as a form of agency – in its transformative sense and in its capacity for acting otherwise (Schneider) and as a form of care – one that provides the political stakes to repair our broken world (Tronto).
Rosario is a graduate of the School of Architecture, Design & Urbanism at the University of Buenos Aires. She has held teaching and research positions at the University of the Arts (UdK) and the Technical University (TU) in Berlin and at the University of Buenos Aires (FADU/UBA).

Rosario Talevi is co-director of the Floating University and a founding member of Soft Agency. Currently, she holds the post of Guest Professor of Social Design (2021-22) at the Hochschule für bildende Künste (HFBK) in Hamburg.

She speaks about her practice internationally, in both institutional and non-institutional contexts, and her work and writing has been widely published.

Publications (Selection)

2021 | Talevi, Rosario; Bader, Markus; Kafka George; Schneider, Tatjana (Eds.) Making Futures. Berlin: Spector.

2021 | Talevi, Rosario; Angiama, Sepake; Gu, Jia : What is the Proposition of this Particular Institution in this Particular Moment? In: Bader, Kafka, Schneider, Talevi (Eds). Making Futures. Berlin: Spector.

2021 | Talevi, Rosario; Karjevsky, Gilly: The Outdoors. In: Solicited: Proposals Reimagining the Exhibition. New York/Stockholm: e-flux architecture & ArkDes.

2021 | Dimensions of Care. In: Billimore, Koitela (Eds). Rehearsing Hospitalities Companion 3. Berlin/Helsinki: Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Archive Books.

2021 | Talevi, Rosario; Karjevsky, Gilly: Climate Care, A Curriculum for Urban Practice. In: Radicalizing Care: Feminist and Queer Activism in  Curating. Krasny, Lingg,  Fritsch, Bosold, Hofmann (Eds.) Berlin/Vienna: Sternberg Press,Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

2020 | Talevi, Rosario; Bailer, Sascia; Karjevsky, Gilly (Eds.) Letters to Joan. Berlin: HKW.

2017 | Talevi, Rosario; Aßmann, Katja; Bader, Markus; Shipwright Fiona (Eds.) Urban School Ruhr Series: Explorations in Urban Practice. Barcelona: dpr-Barcelona.

Prizes / Awards (Selection)

2021 | Winner Future Architecture Platform: Landscapes of Care, Creative Europe Program of the EU
2021 | Roskilde Foundation Award for the project "Climate Care" at Floating University Berlin
2020 | Checkpoint Charlie Foundation, Funding for the project "Architecture as Cultural Exchange
2019 | Getty Research Institute Residency, Los Angeles, USA

Project description

Caring Infrastructures Berlin-Los Angeles
Rosario Talevi aims to investigate the public urban infrastructures of Los Angeles as sites of potential transformation. She is particularly interested in sites where the practice of care - understood as an ethical and political framework for action (Puig de la Bellacasa) - reposition the human as a caretaker and a custodial figure in the ongoing recuperation of the planet. What urban infrastructures can be translated from hard to soft, while connecting to human and non-human communities and agents in the face of a global climate crisis? Can enclosed infrastructure space be reconsidered as sites for radical re-imagination led by neighbouring inhabitants and be re-written as sites for collective engagement? How can people participate in the caring and maintenance of such “living” infrastructures? Can ethics of care be practiced in these sites for the restoration of public trust?