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Mongolian-born Documentary Director Uisenma Borchu’s feature film debut is a fascinating look at growing up, gender and finding passion. Hedi (director Borchu, in her first role) and single mother, Iva, (Catrina Stemmer) live in the same building. After Hedi meets Sophia, Iva’s daughter, the two women become acquainted and eventually begin an intimate affair. Even though their relationship is passionate, Hedi is also attracted to men, and Iva who is desperately in love with her becomes deeply jealous. Iva’s father (Josef Bierbichler) makes plans to look after his granddaughter so the two women can spend time together, but when he doesn’t arrive, Hedi goes searching and the story takes a surprising twist.

The film is a compelling examination of female roles, the power of sexuality, gender identity and alienation between cultures. Director Borchu uses naturalistic style combined with the surreal to examine love and life. When Sofia befriends Hedi we see her slowly beginning to infiltrate the lives of mother and daughter and she and Iva become lovers. When Iva’s visiting father (Josef Bierbichler) fails to turn up for a planned dinner, Hedi goes in search of him, and what happens threatens to tear them all apart.

Review by Amos Lassen


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