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Villa Fellow Stefan Goldmann is the curator of f(t) festival. The two day festival will highlight alternative concepts of time in music: Irregular metres, miniatures, works of gargantuan duration, idiosyncratic patterns, new practices for historic instruments and obsolete media, humanised machine time, mechanised improvisation, space-time relations in close proximity and at vast distance... and much more.

The festival will feature a densely programmed concert schedule in Radialsystem V’s main halls, as well as special formats and installations in its more intimate upstairs studios. A mechanical player piano will be set up in the foyer, thus providing five distinct spaces for concerts, DJ sets, music performances and audiovisual installations for the audience to explore. 

The programme features artists from eleven nations and of diverse artistic backgrounds, including electronic musicians, bands, baroque and new music instrumentalists, improvisors, DJs and visual artists. Highlights include performances by Shackleton, members of Ensemble Modern, Rrose and SØS Gunver Ryberg. Several premieres will be performed, including commissioned works by Stefan Goldmann and KiNK. Further world and German premieres include works by Cory Arcangel, Elektro Guzzi & Margret Köll and Aura Satz.

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A festival by Radialsystem V GmbH.
Artistic director: Stefan Goldmann

Supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa Berlin. The installations by Niklas Goldbach are presented with the kind support of Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House e. V.

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