News |What Does Democracy Mean in the 21st Century?

Photo: VATMH/Mirko Lux

On Thursday night-together with Zócalo, KCRW Berlin and the Daniel K. Innouye Institute-we hosted a discussion on the state of democracy in the 21st century in Berlin. Oxford political scientist Stein Ringen, foreign affairs consultant Ted Piccone of the Brookings Institution / Robert Bosch Foundation and Mélida Jiménez, program officer at the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA), tried to define democracy and find ways to defend it. With around 200 guests, the venue CIEE Global Institute in Berlin-Kreuzberg was well filled. Warren Olney, presenter of KCRW's "To the Point", opened the evening by asking how it is possible to label countries as diverse as Norway, India and Indonesia as democracies. This was followed by a lively debate that you can follow in the podcast and/or the video below:

Podcast (courtesy of Zócalo Public Square)

Video (courtesy of Zócalo Public Square)

A Zócalo/KCRW Berlin Event

In partnership with the Daniel K. Inouye Institute and Villa Aurora & Thomas Mann House e. V.


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