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CIRCUIT TRAINING is a workshop ensemble initiated & founded by Ignaz Schick 2013 in Berlin with the aim of bringing together musicians from different styles and scenes once or twice a year for working on new pieces of its core members. The group startet out as a 5 piece group and grew with every edition into the current line-up which is consisting of 9 players. The idea is to mix scenes, styles, approaches, and working methods. The group includes sound artists, instrumentalists and highly specialized performers who also compose for the ensemble. The musical identities range from New Music, Jazz, Echtzeitmusik, Noise, Field Recording to Electronica and is at its best moments more than unique blend of this different sources. So far there have been 5 editions of Circuit Training in different locations in Berlin – each one presenting original compositions. These include and make use of different forms of notation: graphic scores, conceptual pieces, verbal instructions and sometimes even traditionally notated scores.

For the Circuit Training Festival we will present 4 new commissioned compositions by Tom Arthurs, Emilio Gordoa, Achim Kaufmann & Ignaz Schick for large ensemble. Additionally and for the first time the individual musicians will also perform in small group improvisations ranging from duo to sextet constellations.

Mittwoch, 22. November, 8 PM

Set 1
Trio: Ignaz Schick (turntables, electronics), Eliad Wagner (analog synth, electronics), Marta Zapparoli (tapes, field recordings)
Sextett: Tom Arthurs (trumpet), Benjamin Weidekamp (clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax), Achim Kaufmann (grand piano), Klaus Kürvers (double bass), Emlio Gordoa (vibraphone), Alexandre Babel (drums, percussion)

Set 2
Tom Arthurs – new work (entire ensemble), Emilio Gordoa – new work (entire ensemble)


Donnerstag, 23.November, 8 PM

Set 1
Duo: Ignaz Schick (turntables, elecronics), Achim Kaufmann (grand piano)
Trio: Eliad Wagner (analog synths, electronics), Marta Zapparoli (tapes, field recordings), Klaus Kürvers (double bass)
Quartet: Tom Arthurs (trumpet), Benjamin Weidekamp (clarinet, bas clarinet, alto sax), Emilio Gordoa (vibraphone, percussion), Alexandre Babel (drums percussion)

Set 2
Achim Kaufmann – new work (entire ensemble), Ignaz Schick – new work (entire ensemble)


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Festival Pass 20€ / 15€



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