Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2010

Jan, Feb, Mar

Markus F. Adrian | Filmmaker (together with Anna-Maria Hora)

Markus F. Adrian
Markus F. Adrian
born in Greifswald, Germany
2002 – 2008
studied at the HFF Konrad Wolf Potsdam/Babelsberg
Filmmasters Pogram of the Universal Studios Hollywood

Markus Adrian and Anna-Maria Hora (“Verflucht,” 2007; “Fledermauskostüm,” 2008) explore how that which appears to be normal to us in our daily lives and personal relationships is only inches away from the surreal, putting new perspective on the emotional landscapes we travel. Their 2008 feature length “Narrenspiel” (A Fool’s Game) is a tightly paced road-trip that draws lines between its protagonists’ motives and insecurities, to result in suspenseful and terrifying drama.