Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2023

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Ebow | Musician

Ebow | Image: Marko Mestrovic
Ebow | Image: Marko Mestrovic

Ebow, real name Ebru Düzgün, born 1990 in Munich, is a German rapper. Ebow first attracted attention through guerrilla performances in laundromats, supermarkets or the streetcar. Today, Ebow, who lives and works in Berlin, performs on more conventional stages, but her message remains provocative and political. Solo, but also member of the Gaddafi Gals, she raps against sexism, racism and homophobia, for an open, solidary and equal society.

Works/Performances (Selection)
2022 | Canê Album, Alvozay / Virgin Records fka. Caroline Records
2021 | Queer AF II, EP, Alvozay / Virgin Records fka. Caroline Records
2020 | ARTE Square, Safer Spaces, production and direction
2019 | Ebow 400 - Queer AF,EP, Alvozay
2019 | Debut Album Gaddafi Gals: Temple, 3-Headed Monster Possee
2019 | K4L Album, Problembär Records
2017 | Komplexität Album, Problembär Records
2017 | Gaddafi Gals: The Death of Papi EP, Problembär Records

Awards/Awards (Selection)
2021 | GEMA Music Author Award, Jury, Category Composition Hip Hop
2021 | Nomination, GEMA Music Author Award, Category Lyrics Hip Hop
2020 | VUT Indie Award, Category Best Act