Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2011

Jan, Feb, Mar

Julian Neville | Filmmaker (together with Lillian Rosa)

Julian Neville | © Corell
Julian Neville | © Corell
born in Starnberg
BA in Media Art from the HfG Karlsruhe
since 2005
Member of “Das Kollektiv”
MA in audiovisual media from the Academy of Media Arts cologne (KHM)
founding of the production company “Rosa & Neville Pictures”

Lillian Rosa and Julian Neville founded their own production company "Rosa & Neville Pictures" in 2009. Their project for their stay in Los Angeles is entitled "Sub Angels", a short movie about the Dubstep music scene. In an undogmatic and experimental way people from different backgrounds come together and exchange experiences combining spirituality and musical technique. In a city that is infamous for its superficiality, these people have in common that they are primarily focused on dynamics that move one's innermost being. Dubstep is based on frequencies below 40Hz which can be felt  rather than heard.