Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2023

Jul, Aug, Sep

Emre Dündar | Composer

Emre Dündar | Image: Jaspar Kettner
Emre Dündar | Image: Jaspar Kettner

Emre Dündar is a composer, pianist, improviser, and academic scholar based in Berlin who is originally from Istanbul. Dündar composes his work in line with his ever-changing interests and curiosities which are all related to the concept of narrativity in its broadest sense. As a composer he decides on how to apply composition related techniques within an aesthetical-rhetorical context that he identifies with each individual creation. Depending on the context, he uses various compositional techniques, ranging from polystylism to serialism, extended modal material, spectralism, and even traditional tonality.

Project Description
Emre Dündar aims to use the phonological facts and data of extinct or endangered languages as the primary material for his new composition "Spoken." The emphasis will be on phonological phenomena and related vocal expression patterns which are rarely found in widely spoken languages. The thematic attention, on the other hand, will be drawn to the sonic heritage that sadly disappears with the extinction of these languages at stake. Spoken will be a true musical salute to the memory of those who have once spoken these languages. 

Works (Selection)
2022 | Yırdolap, for three female voices and ensemble, premiered at Rheinsberg Academy #BAJMT, Ensemble Quillo
2022 | Fakelore Narratives, for Clarinet, ensemble and electronics, premiered at Chios Music Festival, soloist: Szilard Benes
2021 | Vagabond III, for Flute, Accordion and Cello, Konzerthaus Berlin,Rebecca Lenton, Flute, Christine Paté, Akkordion, Cosima Gerhardt, Violoncello
2019 | Récit Ductile, for clarinet and String Quartet, Premiere, Ultraschall New Music Festival 2020 KNM Quartet
2018 | Soirée Gothique, on three poems of Emily Dickinson, for soprano and ensemble Premiere, Ultraschall New Music Festival 2020 (Soloist Eva Resch, Ensemble KNM under the baton of Titus Engel)
2017 | De Vulgari Eloquentia, for composer himself, pre-recorded instruments and ensemble
2017 | Tombeau de Monsieur Charbonnier, for harpsichord, Tokyo Cembalo Festival, Soloist: Hiroaki Ooi
2016 | Récit Cadre, for Chamber Orchestra, Basel Chamber orchestra, Direction Frank Ollu

2022 | Criss-cross Sonata, Casiopea. Works for Cello solo from XXI Century, Juan Aguilero Cerezo
2019 | Frabato (Album), Bilgi Music Label, works for mixed ensembles, electronics, with M.A.Uzunselvi

Prizes/Awards (Selection)
2021-2022 | Berlin Senate Culture Department, “Welletofenes Berlin” fellowship grant, Project: Esfar-ı Avaz - Ludus Modalis, 4 Movements for Ensemble
2020 | DAAD Artist-in -Residence Berlin Program
2017 | Moving Music Project, Residency Program, Wien