Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2023

Apr, May, Jun

Lukas Rietzschel | Writer

Lukas Rietzschel | Copyright: Christine Fenzl
Lukas Rietzschel | Copyright: Christine Fenzl

Lukas Rietzschel, born in 1994 in Räckelwitz, studied Political Science, German Literature and Cultural Management. He now lives as a freelance author in Görlitz. His texts focus on the reunification of Germany and the transformation processes during the post-reunification period especially in the region of Lusatia.


2020 ⅼ Raumfahrer, dtv, novel
2020 ⅼ Widerstand, Commissioned work for Schauspiel Leipzig, Theaterstück
2018 ⅼ Mit der Faust in die Welt schlagen, Ullstein Verlag, novel


2019/2020 ⅼ Fellowship of Villa Concordia
2019 ⅼ Gellert-Preis
2018 ⅼ Nomination for Aspekte Literaturpreis