Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2019

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Wolfgang Fischer | Filmmaker (together with Ika Künzel)

Wolfgang Fischer | Image: Marc Comes
Wolfgang Fischer | Image: Marc Comes
born in Vienna

Wolfgang Fischer studied psychology and painting at the University of Vienna followed by studies of filmmaking at the Art Academy of Düsseldorf and the Academy of Media Arts (KHM) in Cologne. Beside various teaching assignments he was working as an assistant for Paul Morrissey and Nan Hoover. He was awarded a scholarship by the Munich Screenplay Program and by Equinoxe Europe.

His films include "What You Don't See" (Was Du nicht siehst, 2011) and "Styx" (2018) which won several awards at international film festivals and has been nominated for the LUX Film Prize of the European Parliament.

Fischer is currently in preproduction for the feature films "The Bear", "The Highway of Tears" and "Southwest".