Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2018

Oct, Nov, Dec

Stefan Stuckmann | Filmmaker

Stefan Stuckmann, Photo: Timon Schäppi
Stefan Stuckmann, Photo: Timon Schäppi
Born in Kleve, Germany
2003 – 2008
Studied „Creative Writing and Cultural Journalism“, University of Hildesheim
since 2004
Writer for Comedy Shows „Switch Reloaded“, „Ladykracher“, „heute show“ etc.
“Deutscher Fernsehpreis” Award as a member of the writing staff of „Switch Reloaded“
2008 – 2011
University of Media Arts (KHM), Köln, Diploma
“Grimmepreis” Award as a member of the writing staff of „heute Show“
2012 – 2014
Columnist for daily newspaper „Der Tagesspiegel“
Nominated for “Grimmepreis” for “Eichwald, MdB”

Stefan Stuckmann is an author and producer of comedy shows. Since 2004, he has been working for „Freitag Nacht News“, „Switch reloaded“ and „heute Show“. From 2012 to 2014, he wrote a weekly column for the daily Der Tagesspiegel. Stuckmann was the author and show runner of „Eichwald, MdB“, a political satire that aired in 2015 on German public television channels ZDF and zdf_neo .

During his fellowship at Villa Aurora, Stefan Stuckmann will develop his new series „Jugend“, a mix of comedy and drama set in contemporary Berlin.  Creating a counter concept for Berlin’s image during the last twenty years, „Jugend“ portrays the German capital not as a solution to all problems, but as a problem itself. Berlin appears as a cold city that uses people and attracts the young with empty promises – just to spit them out years later, when their dreams have died.

To achieve a realistic depiction of the setting, „Jugend“ is shot in German and English. The resulting language barriers – not all characters are equally proficient in both languages – are part of the plot and character development. As a result, „Jugend“ cannot be dubbed. The format intends to undermine the prevailing rules of German television.