Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2017

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Ute Wieland | Filmemacherin

Ute Wieland, Image: Frank Polosek
Ute Wieland, Image: Frank Polosek

Ute Wieland majored in German philology and theater studies before obtaining a degree in directing from the University of Television and Film in Munich. In 1989, her debut feature film "Im Jahr der Schildkröte" earned her a nomination fort he prestigious German Film Prize.

After working exclusively in TV for many years, Ute Wieland completed her second movie, the soccer comedy "FC Venus", in 2006. Her third feature "Freche Mädchen" followed suit in 2008.

Wieland turned to TV again to direct Germany's most successful crime show "Tatort". "Freche Mädchen 2", the sequel to her 2008 success, was released in 2010. Wieland's two-part made for TV movie "Deckname Luna" (2012) about a citizen of the German Democratic Republic targeted by the Secret Police was nominated for the Grimme Prize, In 2014, Wieland directed the tragic comedy "Besser als nix" about a high school dropout and misfit from rural Germany who tries to gain a new perspective on life. Ute Wieland adapted Villa Aurora Fellow (2016) Stefanie de Velasco's novel "Tigermilch" (Tiger Milk) which was presented at this year's German Currents.