Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2012

Jan, Feb, Mar

Stephan Müller | Fimmaker (together with Erik Schmitt)

Stephan Müller | Kamerapferd
Stephan Müller | Kamerapferd
since 2010
collaboration under the name “Kamerapferd”
German Kurzfilmpreis 2011

Stephan Müller and Erik Schmitt have been collaborating under the name Kamerapferd since 2010. They have produced a wide range of highly visual, often unconventional short films and also worked on several ads, as well as on a feature length documentary (The Solartaxi, 2010). Their latest short film Now Follows (Nun sehen Sie Folgendes, 2010) was presented at Cannes Film Festival by the FFA und German Films, and was chosen to represent the German short film around the world on the "Soirée Allemande" and the "Next Generation Short Tiger" roll. In 2011 the film was awarded with the German Kurzfilmpreis.

During their stay at Villa Aurora, Kamerapferd will work on their film project "Galloping Rhino". The project's aim is to stimulate a new way of perception within the urban space, so that the city is not only seen and felt as consisting of concrete and bricks, but as something more: as a live being with a soul.