Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2014

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Hendrik Weber (Pantha du Prince) | Musician

Hendrik Weber
Hendrik Weber
born in Bad Wildungen

Weber lives and works as composer, producer and conceptual artist in Berlin. He is one of the most innovative and influential artists in today’s international techno and electronic music scene.
Time and again, he manages to bridge several areas of cultural production such as popular music and fine arts. Due to his integral approach, music functions as overarching narrative, the cover as art, videos as extension of sound organisms, with the experience of the performance uniting those artforms. His installations weave sounds, architecture and objects into a transcendental space.


2000 Stella (Band): “Finger On The Trigger For The Years To Come”. L’age D’or/Lado
2003 Glühen 4: “Das Schweigen der Sirenen” Dial Records.
2004 Stella (Band): “Better Days Sounds Great” L’age D`or/Lado
2004 Pantha du Prince: “Diamond Daze” Dial Rec.
2007 Pantha du Prince: “This Bliss” Dial Rec.
2010 Pantha du Prince: “Black Noise” Rough Trade
2011 Pantha du Prince: “XI versions of Black Noise” (Remix Album)
2012 Ursprung: “S/T” Dial Rec.
2013 Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory „Elements of light“ Rough Trade

Singles & EPs:
2002 Pantha du Prince “Nowhere” (12”) Dial Rec.
2005 Pantha du Prince “Butterfly Girl Versions” (12”) Dial Rec.
2006 Pantha du Prince “Lichten, Walden” (12”) Dial Rec.
2009 Pantha du Prince “Behind The Stars” Dial Rec.
2009 Pantha du Prince “The Splendour” (12”) Rough Trade
2010 Pantha du Prince “Lay In A Shimmer” (12”) Rough Trade
2010 Pantha du Prince “Stick To My Side” (12”) Rough Trade

Solo exhibitions and Shows (selection)

2004 “Death by a light of a phonograph” at Nomadenoase, Hamburg
2007 “Eisenkaute” at Nomadenoase, Hamburg
2010 “Transitory Triplet” at Splace Berlin, TV Tower Alexanderplatz, Berlin
2010 “Pantha du Prince” at Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane, Australia
2013 “Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory” at Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Center London

Group exhibitions and shows (selection)

2005 “No competitive offers” Dial at ARTIS, Den Bosch, Netherlands
2010 “Based in Berlin” at Kunstwerke, Berlin
2013 “in C” by Terry Riley , Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory at Barbican, London

Curatorial engagement

2011 “Kunst als Klang” at Vittorio Manalese, Berlin