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Sviatlana Kurs | Feuchtwanger Fellow

Sviatlana Kurs
Sviatlana Kurs
born in Minsk, Belarus
since 1994
works as journalist and writer

Belarusian writer and journalist Sviatlana Kurs (Pseudonymes Eva Viežnaviec, Sviatlana Adziniec) was born the countryside around Minsk. Ms. Kurs studied philology and graduated from the Belarusian State University in 1994.

From 1994 on, she has worked as a journalist for the Belarusian State Radio, newspaper “Svaboda”, Radio 101.2, Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Radio Racyja, Transitions Online, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty European Radio for Belarus

Sviatlana Kurs writes about Belarus in its European context. Her work revolves around topics such as “assimilating evil”, “countering platitude”, “mixing witchcraft and magic of daily routine”, “treating alcoholism religiously and moving forward as end in itself”.

Her works are translated into Polish, Ukrainian and Czech.



1997 – We are Two Gnomes, ARCHE, Minsk
1998 – Salutary Hatred, Doll-Ballerina-Queen-Gossip, Registrar, The Holiday Comes Back, ARCHE, Minsk
1999 - Dragon will be Soon, Worried Winter, Happy Agency, NASHA NIVA, ARCHE, Minsk
2000 – Mikola, Street Organ, ARCHE, Minsk
2004 – Białoruś Kraina otoczona wysokimi górami, BORUSSIA Warszawa
2008 – Way of the Small Swine, NASHA NIVA, ARCHE, Minsk
2011 – Love is Malicious, Marianka, DZIEJASLOU, Minsk


Translations from Sviatlana Kurs

2005 – Gustaw Herling-Grudziński, Our Brother Devil, Novels, PRO FUTURA, Vilnius
2006 – Gustaw Herling-Grudziński, Other World, Novels, PRO FUTURA, Vilnius