Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2005

Jan, Feb, Mar

Thomas Meadowcroft | Composer / Musician

Thomas Meadowcroft | © Conny Mirbach
Thomas Meadowcroft | © Conny Mirbach
born in Canberra / Australien
since 1998
lives and works in Berlin

Thomas Meadowcroft is an Australian freelance composer and musician living in Berlin, where he has been based since 1998. His music has been described as 'reaching an inexpressible purity' (Le Monde), 'nerve torture' (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and 'dreamy post-rock' (New York Times). His work involves notated compositions for acoustic instruments and electronics, electric organ in experimental and pop-music contexts, sound installations, as well as music for theatre and film. His notated work is available through plainsound music edition.