Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2007

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Sven Taddicken | Filmmaker

Sven Taddicken © Privat
Sven Taddicken © Privat
born in Hamburg

Sven Taddicken studied directing and writing at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg from 1996-2002. During his studies, Taddicken directed several award-winning films including the 15-minute Short, El Cordobes, which received the National Short Film Award at the Filmfest Dresden in 1999. The short film Schäfchen zählen was nominated for the student Academy Award in 2000.

His first feature film Mein Bruder der Vampir (2001), which also won numerous awards, starred Julia Jentsch, Alexander Scheer and Marie-Luise Schramm. The film tells the story of a mentally disabled young man in the midst of discovering his sexuality. Taddicken’s graduation film at the Film Academy entitled Einfach so bleiben won the German Short Film Award in Gold. In 2004, Taddicken was awarded a scholarship from the Berlin Academy of Arts and has been a member of the German Film Academy since. Emmas Glück is his second feature film. Sven Taddicken lives and works in Berlin and Hamburg.