Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2024

Jan, Feb, Mar

Arjuna Neuman | Filmmaker

Arjuna Neuman | Image: Privat
Arjuna Neuman | Image: Privat

Arjuna Neuman was born on an airplane. He is a filmmaker, artist, and writer. He has exhibited at Kunsthalle Vienna, MACBA Barcelona, Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow, and Showroom Gallery London, among others. His videos and films have been widely shown, notably at Berlinale Forum Expanded, Doclisboa, and Images Festival, and are distributed by LUX London. Neuman is co-founder of, a database for migrants and refugees. Arjuna Neuman lives and works in Berlin.  

For his residency, Arjuna Neuman is planning the film essay "Through the Flames," which will be the final part of his film series Elemental Cinema. The essay takes as its starting point the forest fires in Southern California. "Through the Flames" deals with the meaning of fire and fires for humans and nature.

Selected Filmography
2023 | Ancestral Clouds Ancestral Claims, with Denise Ferreira da Silva
2022 | Syncopated Green
2020 | Soot Breath / Corpus Infinitum, with Denise Ferreira da Silva
2019 | 4 Waters: Deep Implicancy, with Denise Ferreira da Silva
Selected Prizes and Awards
2022 | ICO/LUX Right of Way Commission  
2021 | Sonic Acts Fellowship, Amsterdam
2019 | University of British Columbia Fellowship, Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory
2015 | American University of Beirut, Humanities Fellowship