Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2015

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Udo Moll | Composer

Udo Moll / © Privat
Udo Moll / © Privat
born in Kirchheim unter Teck
lives and works in Cologne

Udo Moll's initial musical socialization process took place in the brass orchestra of the city of Uhingen. He studied empirical cultural sciences, musicology, romanistic and new German literature at the Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen.  Furthermore, he studied the jazz trumpet with Manfred Schoof  and composition with Johannes Fritsch at the Music Academy Cologne.

Udo Moll works as a freelance composer, trumpeter and in the field of electronic music.


2004     he initiated an improvisation research project , know as „Molls’ Law“ which develops in collaboration with video artists, and actors in a number of programs, such as:


2005     Haikus from the tool box  for Deutschlandradio Kultur.

2006     Short Music and Silence at the  Moers Festival.

2007     Catalogue of improvisation – commissioned by Musiktriennale Köln, Deutscher Musikrat,

            Siemens Arts Program, SK Stiftung Kultur.  

2008     Published the documentation  „catalogue of improvisation (CD & book)“ with wergo

2014     Infinite loop Duo-CD with the pianist Florian Ross, published with unit records (CH)

Moll worked as jazz musician with: Gerry Hemingway, Hasse Poulsen,  WDR Bigband, John Tilbury,  Elliott Sharp, Sidsel Endresen, Institut für Feinmotorik    


            based on „Moll’s Law“, he reworked: : 

2006     Beethoven (Beethoven Redux for Frischzelle-Festival Köln)

2007     Heine/Schumann (Heines Sklavenschiff Premiere Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, commission for the


2010     Cabanilles/Cabezon (Premier of „Moll’s Law“: tientos y lucientes, combining Spanish music for the harpsichord of the 17th century with electronics and improvisation (supported by the Department of Cultural Affairs of the city of Cologne)

2010     John Cage („Moll’s Law“ :  cheap imitation / counterfeit whiteness mit John Tilbury (piano for  Netzwerk Neue Musik / ON-Neue Musik Köln).



2008     Music for dance theater „Nächster Halt: Freiheit’ with Daniela Kurz at Staatstheater Nürnberg  

2008     Musicians residency at OMI in New York. 

2009     Music for dance theater „trotz alledem“ (in spite of everything) with Daniela Kurz on the occasion of the human rights award Nürnberg.

2012     Fellowship Brhaddvani Institute for Carnatic Music / Chennai (Indien)

2013     Punchcard music video concert in collaboration with the video artist Gudrun Barenbrock and Wolfgang Mitterer, premiered at Festival 8 Bruecken - Musik für Köln

2013     Composition and performance of „tango avec le baron“ for Kettly Noël and Koffi Koko - premiered at Festival Dense Bamako Danse in Bamako (Mali).

2014     Nomantion for the Deutschen Musikautorenpreis (German prize for music athors) 

Collaborations with Wolfgang Mitterer, Moritz Eggert, Manos Tsangaris, Maria de Alvear,

musikFabrik nrw


World Music

Moll and the Worldmusic-Ensemble Schäl Sick Brass Band play to enthusiastic audiences at festivals in Europa, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, often by invitation of the Goethe-Institut.

He plays concerts in Cairo und Alexandria, combined with research for a CD featuring pieces of the Egyptian composer Mohammed Abdel Wahab.          

Founder of the tabadoul orchestra, a German-Egyptian ensemble, dedicated to the music of Mohammed Abdel Wahab.

2013     Tabadoul orchestra : Wahab  video concert with the Libanese media artists/ 14 Mazen Kerbaj und Raed Yassin in Köln & Beirut (Libanon)

Moll works with Mohamed Mounir, Buzuki Orhan Osman, DuOud, and Mahala Rai Banda

Electronic Music     

Moll has been researching  the use of the computer as an expressive musical instrument in an improvisational context for a number of years.

2009     Artists residency am STEIM (studio for the development of electronic musical instruments, Amsterdam (Niederlande).

2011     Composition fellowship at Künstlerhaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop.

2012     Sound installation „eden birds“ for Muziekbiennale Niederrhein (Netherlands))

2012     „Eccentric Listening“ performance with the video artist Gudrun Barenbrock for Netzwerk Neue Musik / ON - Neue Musik Köln

2014     Installation „protean territories“ for the Akademie der Künste der Welt Köln / ON Neue Musik