Villa Aurora Grant Recipients | 2012

Oct, Nov, Dec

Marten Persiel | Filmmaker

Marten Persiel | © David Gauffin
Marten Persiel | © David Gauffin


Filmmaker, author and commercial director Marten Persiel is a nomad and somewhat of an oddball. After a 12 year long odyssey through England, Spain, Brazil and the Philippines, he returned to his birthplace Berlin in 2008, bringing home four documentaries, countless award-winning commercials and an excellent network of filmmakers and producers all around the world. Persiel’s trademarks are his close bonds with his protagonists and his very own, off-key aesthetics. He always searches for unusual, less restrictive narrative formats to tell his stories. THIS AIN’T CALIFORNIA, a project particularly dear to Persiel, will mark a climax in this quest thus far.