Villa Aurora Forum Berlin

Today the Villa Aurora is an artists’ residency and international meeting place, fostering German-American exchange with fellowship programs in the fields of literature, music, art, film and performance.

The Villa also acts as a living memorial to the great artists and intellectuals who found refuge from Nazi Germany in Southern California. It reminds us of the important role these exiles played in shaping the arts and culture of their new home, the West coast.

The core activity of the Villa Aurora is its Artist-in-Residency Program, which annually invites up to sixteen individuals for three-month stays to the Villa. In addition, every year the Villa offers the Feuchtwanger Fellowship, which provides a residency of up to twelve months to a writer who is being persecuted or forced to live in exile. The Feuchtwanger Fellowship, like the Villa Aurora as a whole, stands as a reminder that efforts to stifle freedom of expression did not end with the fall of National Socialism but, in fact, occur on a daily basis around the globe.

The Villa Aurora Forum in Berlin is responsible for managing the public funds and the overall budget as well as organizing the annual jury to select the fellows. The staff at the Berlin office meets the fellows ahead of their stay in Los Angeles to answer questions and learn of the expectations the fellows have in their fellowship.

After their stay and pursuit of projects in Los Angeles, the Forum Berlin supports the artists in reaching a broad audience by organizing exhibitions, concerts, screenings and readings. The Forum also realizes a variety of transatlantic events regarding the cultural exchange of the sister cities Berlin and Los Angeles as well as Germany and the United States as a whole.

Regular events present the results of the artists’ works created in Los Angeles.

Leibnizsaal at Gendarmenmarkt | Foto: Angelika Fischer