Artist-in-Residence Grant

Each year, Villa Aurora awards a total of up to 12 fellowships, of three months each, to artists working in film, literature, composition, visual arts and performance art. The artists reside at Villa Aurora in Pacific Palisades on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Two artists with a mutual project may also apply.

The fellowship includes the following benefits:
A monthly stipend of Euro 2,500 (Euro 2,700 for a dual fellowship).
Air-fare from Germany to Los Angeles and back (economy class).
Some funds to facilitate project-related activities in Los Angeles.

The three-month stays work on a quarterly basis. It is not possible to also host family members. Visitors are limited to two weeks maximum, and are charged $10 per night.

During your stay, you will be free to pursue your artistic projects. In addition, Villa Aurora facilitates the organization of readings, concerts, exhibitions or screenings for the artists and encourages contacts with cultural institutions and artists in Los Angeles.

All fellows have their own bedroom and separate bathroom. However, our artists-in-residence and the interns who live in the Villa as well, have access to two kitchens of their choice. This means that you have to be willing to share those premises with others, which can be fruitful and interesting, but requires a certain amount of tolerance and thoughtfulness.